Sunday, February 20, 2011


What is the meaning of me giving these Tarot readings?

Ten of Cups - SATIETY - Cups represent the reality of our inner emotions, they rule over Love, Emotions and Interaction in Relationships. They rule the Element of Water.
Satisfaction, Mars in Pisces, Fulfilment, Radiation.
The ten of cups have arranged themselves in the shape of the Tree of Life, everything is in their right place in perfect balance, this symbolises deep fulfilment. At the top the Lotus flower is a sign of Love's abundance received, this love is so over flowing it gives to all participated, anyone willing to accept it can be participating in receiving it through this current on flowing Love. The Cup handles are made of horns of Aries which represents Mars. The golden color tells of total transformation that can now access the energies of Mars. Mars in the spiritual Pisces does not express itself by being crude or rough, toxic or snobby. Mars in Pisces expresses itself by bringing what seems a fragile creature with determination that this needs to express the deepest beauty carried inside. This needs no dramatic expression of emotion. Person fulfilling their purpose radiant these qualities. A tree is known by its fruits.
Life will give me what I need to be Happy.


Well, those of you who have contacted me know I always begin the reading relationship by stating this...
First I have to tell you few things about how I read the Tarot. I do not operate through fear or shady metaphors. Those have no place in a Lightworker. I also do not read reversed / "upside down" cards that interpret through / cause negativity. The Tarot are meant to be tools of Unconditional Love and connection to our spirit guides and ascended masters - and it would be silly to think they would try and scare us. So, in my reading you will not get bad news or scary threats, all of my readings come from Higher Power, our Higher Self, these cards are the way of interpretation through Love, and it's Wisdom.
Perfectly at balance with the Mars in Pisces energies, and who are you calling fragile, huh? Well, suppose that applies as well, not that I like admitting it.

I do get a deep sense of fulfilling my destiny as I do these readings - I have forever wanted to help and heal with all my power that has been granted to me ( by me, by I AM,  I might add ;) ), I've used Reiki, I've used the power of words, and now I use the Tarot, which has brought me in close contact with so many people who have needed guidance, and I have been given a chance to give what naturally comes from me.

I like how it is said through the card, the over flowing love, because that is how I feel it as well, I have so much to share and give that it overflows. People who are willing to accept it, by asking for a reading, will always receive it through me. The divine wisdom coming through from our I AM, yours and mine, the Universes.

I'm glad I did do this reading, a great Confirmation.

Love, Light and Joy!


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