Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have met some top names on the spiritual writer/teachers circle on the Spiritual Expos/Fairs. It still amazes me to meet stuck up spiritual writers. What's going on there?
I approach no one differently, stranger or friend, I act as if there is no difference between us. Brothers or Sisters, same family, same bodies, same ultimate goal of Unity.
It's probably due to this view that I find it so odd that some people build a quick brick walls between us at first meeting, especially after writing such grand ideas on books, ideas they don't seem to be following.

Is it due to celebrity idolization of our time?

If you write a great book, people buy it, take it to heart and praise you, you can easy lift your nose a little right. Sneaks up on you.

Finland is a small country, but we have our share of "celebrities", and I see few of them once in a while living in the capital - and I still get the 'nose up, look away' treatment if I smile at them. Well I am odd for smiling at strangers I know, but they don't give me the cold shoulder quite like 'famous' people.

So are our spiritual writers and teachers getting snobbish? Well some are, even my favourite angel lady has this lesson to learn on her list. I expected a different feeling from her few years ago, and was so to say disappointed.

Why am I writing about this? Well I suppose I still don't understand how some people can view themselves better than others. Seriously can someone give me one good, kind, constructive reason for thinking some people are better than others?
How does this fit to us all being sisters and brothers, all divine by origin, all here to learn to find our way back to divine love? How?

One of the things that puzzle me about humanity, but explains our current state of discord.

Love, Light and Joy!


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