Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 Minä Olen (I AM) Fair is this weekend! It's my start up for a year of Spiritual Fairs.
More information can be found here in Finnish http://www.minaolen.com/messut2011/
And the PDF. of the program  here http://www.minaolen.com/messut2011/Messuliite.pdf

I really enjoyed last year, but as it was before April I couldn't quite reap all the benefits. But I'm sure it will be an experience to enjoy as well this year.

I will have to see what purchases I will get this year, but I am tempted to buy another Tarot deck to compliment my Aleisteir Crowley's Thoth Tarot, I have to say if they have Ciro Marchetti's The Legacy of Divine Tarot I will have to get it.
But I will probably walk out with a book of some sort, a gem necklace, CD and incense.

The lectures I plan on seeing, ( this year mom is coming with me! She has missed the past 3 years ) :  
"Healing Powers of Light and Vibration" by Cosme Castanieto  
"Healing Energies of Angels" by Maria Zavou
"Introduction to Astrology for Enlightenment" by Michelle Karén
And perhaps if we have time Jonette Crowley's "Awakening Kindness is the Flow of Life".

I hope to see you there! Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th!

Love, Light and Joy!


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