Saturday, February 12, 2011


Like I blogged before, today is the day. The Minä Olen Fair, the I Am Fair in Espoo!
It's only 5:40 am so I still slightly sleepy but I should be awake nicely by ten.

Doors open at 10, but I'll head for 11 so I have few things I get to see before the first lecture I'm going to starts at noon, the "Healing Powers of Light and Vibration" by Cosme Castanieto, followed by "Healing Energies of Angels" by Maria Zavou, and then  "Introduction to Astrology for Enlightenment" by Michelle Karén.
I love the energy of this place, and the people, I mostly go just to see the lectures but I usually end up spending about fifty euros there everytime, small amount, but then again I don't need that much.

I do need some real Sandalwood Incense as it is hard to find the shops near me. As well as the new book on the Forgotten Kingdom of Finland. :) I hope there is copies of that left!
I have been obsessing over this book series lately, unable to set the books down, The Oulander Series. All seven books are luckily over thousand page bricks. I read book three of the series first and am now over haldway through book one. I would not get them if I were you unless you like romance and medieval history, and well-- time travel.
If I have vices it might be historical novels, I absolutely love them, I miss the period somehow I imagine, the simplicity of it, not so much the grimy parts - bit romantic view isn't it. ;) Taking into consideration I know very well how hard the other side of the time was, well we all have our little escapes, mine is reading.

Now having picked up the next book on the series from the library I also picked up three other items.
The Keys to the Universe which I haven't even had a change to skim through yet but by few exceprt my husband read to me when he picked it up it seem the Cooper standars. "Isn't Megatron a Transformer?" He quizzed me. "What?" "I'm sure of it Megatrons a Transformer!" He repeated. "Gimme that." I read sentance. "It says Metatron... not Megatron." "Oh." "That's the voice of god not a transformer...."

I also picked up 2010 collection of Rumi's poems... now these I really enjoyed my husband quoting me, I told him to finds a love poem and read that one.
"Intellectuals try not to drown,
while the whole purpose of love is drowning."
His poems are something else, I've only read them online so it'll be a pleasure to read them from a book without squinting at the bright computer screen.
Perhaps it will inspire me to write a poem again.
I very rarely write poems but perhaps there will be an occasion now.

And the last but not the least a DVD of Deepak Chopra's called Happiness Perscription - I watched the first chapter, What is Happiness? and I really liked it. I haven't seen him lecture, speak before so it was a nice suprise to see him walk about instead of just sitting put.
I'm sure when I have a moment I'll watch all of them in a row but as mentioned above I am all booked for today with Fair!

I'll hope to see you there!

Love, Light and Joy!


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