Thursday, February 24, 2011



It's been a long time since I've sent an email to you as a part of my "own" email list (apart from Beyond Awakening, which, together with what I'm announcing here, has kept me very busy!)

But I want to make sure invite you to tune in to something I've been working on for the last 7 years, and really, the last 3 decades of my life. I believe it will be of deep benefit to you and our whole community.

What would our world look like if many of us were actually doing a heartfelt, deep spiritual practice that reconnected us each day to our hearts, our bodies, Life, and the Mystery of existence?

I'm convinced--and I hope to share my radical optimism with you--that the only way to truly evolve ourselves individually, culturally, and as a planetary civilization...

... our best bet, and also the simplest and most immediate action we can take today, to gradually, yet profoundly, change the course of our lives ...

... is for each of us to have a daily, do-able spiritual practice based on integral principles.

And, I believe I've distilled the essence of what such a practice looks like.

After over 3 decades of doing my own practice, after teaching Integral Practice for 7 years, and after a year of interviewing over 30 of the brightest and deepest spiritual teachers of our time--I am ready to share with you my essential synthesis in a FREE special teleconference:

The 3 Essential Practices of an Integral Spiritual Life: How to Gradually, Yet Profoundly, Deepen Your Life while Serving the Evolution of Our World

I'm so fired up to share this FREE teleconference because I know that spiritual practice is alive--and it's evolving--and it will continue to evolve because that's what it loves to do... and because it must.

And it makes perfect sense.

We are living and doing our practices in a world that would be totally unrecognizable to the great enlightened luminaries of ancient times.

Before the Buddha awakened under the Bodhi Tree, he wasn't dealing with spam, computer viruses, voicemail, insurance claims, credit ratings, childcare, coordinating busy schedules, or fears over global warming.

But we're not passive victims of our circumstance. Not at all.

There are simple yet powerful ways for us to rise to these unprecedented challenges, and this is precisely what I will be talking about in my free teleconference.

I invite you to listen to it live, or hear the recording afterwards.

Sign up here to get on the notification list and receive free instant access to the telesconference details right away.

Truly, I am excited and honored to share with you what is in many ways the culmination of my lifetime of work and research.

I look forward to being with you on the teleconference!

With love,

PS - Please feel free to invite your friends and loved ones to attend this teleconference. Simply forward them this email."


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