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Youth of The Planet (6th of June 2004)

I don’t think the origin of problems in the youth of our world is ADD or any other form of state. Still, it seems in the passing years children have become things you get when you’re a good person. You get kids cos’ you want to show others you have a good family, you are successful in life. You have it all in order. Including having a kid in the house. Cos’ let’s face it, everyone who is anyone has a job, husband and a kid(s).Is this right? To have children into a world where they seem to be commodity.

All this makes me sad... Why have children when you’re not ready. You shouldn’t gets kids cos’ you would like to have kids, or cos’ they fits your plans. You should get kids when you’re happy and you have found true love, you know it’s a life time commitment with your husband, and you know the child will grow up in your love.

The worst thing you can do to a child is to have him/her with any man… Child knows when he/she hasn’t spring from love; this will continue to dominate the child’s life. What hurts children the most is the home where she is in the state of irritation. Children after all live in their mother’s energy until they are 3 years of age. The three most crucial years… And if the child lives in the emotionally unstable energy, who can expect them to not suffer from it later. But if the child grows in the love of the two who had he/her… you can see your child grow strong.

If you are ready to have a child you must have a partner that you love more than anything else, knowing the child to come will feel that, the child must be waited and expected. The child can feel emotions when it still lives inside the mother… the child Must feel waited and welcomed. Knowing he/she has a secure home to come to where he/she needs not to worry and be afraid for his life and security. What kids really need is Safety, when they know they are safe, they can love without fear… And when you can love, your life cannot go wrong.

It’s up to us the next generation to have children to realize this, find our dreams and try to affect the wellbeing of the whole planet, whole mankind. We are not forced to have kids. Society may try, but we are not forced. All the better if we do not easily, causelessly, lovelessly have them, world is already over populated, keeping kids away from it (just to suffer) sounds good to me. I for one want to bring a new loving and caring, human generation to this world. One that will continue this tradition.

Who wouldn’t want a world, a better safer world, without hunger, wars, neglect and indifference?

6th of June, 2004, Niina C
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