Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was reading an article on spiritual genetics that dealt with nanotechnology and the nervous system and how in the future, it is possible, that nanotechnology will help correct mistakes and missing connection between nerve cells creating an infinitive life span. ( From Maria Zavou's "Spiritual Surgeries and The World of Voice Codes" ) Technically speaking, after this humans could live as long as they wished, die when they wished.

I am not so much interested in how long my life is, but wither I am able to live in the Now or not. And I think it’s a little testament to my ability to live in the Now because I do not dream of the future or mull over the past, hence having no desire to live a long life or a short one. Just a life, that is right now. This moment right here.

What I do think about is that we are so not ready. The plain Jane and average Joe are so not ready for a long life span - not even mentioning those men and women stuck on money, fame and other illusions of success. Let me ask you, can you see the head of a multimillion company saying what the heck I’ll share my money during this, say 900 year life? I would like to think yes, he’d eventually change his or her ways begin to see with compassion those around him that are equally justified to be alive, eat, drink and live. But the risk is, and this is why we really haven’t earned the right to a long life span is, that there will be no changed mind, money will be collected to ridiculous amounts, cars will be bought in tens and forties to count, houses will be decorated with stupendiously expensive furniture with the rotation rate of twice a year.

"Human development's most important moments includes the moment where they discover, that the earthly goals are no longer enough for them. " ~From Seppo Ilkka's "Ego Searching for the Light"

As long as people are greedy there will be short life spans, we haven’t passed the test yet, nowhere near graduation, friends. Even with some percentage of people on earth in touch with what counts, compassion, brother- and sisterhood, sharing, love and kindness - we too have to wait this out.

And us who know what death is can’t be sad of the wait. After all what is there to wait for when we have  Now, this moment right here to be happy, alive, excited and Hey in my case turning 29! ;)

We are already ageless, timeless, forever existing Consciousness. When we will have the chance to live as long as we want in human bodies it’ll be interesting to see what matters, and when we choose to reincarnate again and to where.

Love, Light and Joy to You on my Birthday!


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