Monday, May 16, 2011


What will this Week bring me?
Four of Swords - Sword represent our spiritual state and our thoughts. They reflect our attitudes, sword also tells what energies we use usually sub-consciously to make our life what it is.
Truce, Jupiter in Libra, finding one's own center, clarity, spiritual cleansing, unifying, expansion.
Four sword tips meet in perfect flower, troubles have been won. Ace of swords clarity has been regained and the blue color of divinity can be seen again. Yellow-Green color of Creativity dominates the card.
In this atmosphere the flower of Consciousness is good to grow and evolve. Jupiter represents Joy and Expansion! Even if something has felt hopeless so far, is in fact in itself holding all that is needed for a happy, positive outcome.
This card holds a warning as well, truce is not peace. On the surface things can seem peaceful, but this peace can be created by holding emotions in check. Give careful look at the possibility that there are things that can be hidden right now, to acknowledge them early can strip them off their destructive force.

You have the inner clarity now to successfully do what you plan. Make sure whatever happens always makes you feel good.


I wanted to do a reading for my Birthday Week, it seems there is much to consider, but... I think I know what this is about, and I am set and ready to do my best about it - all I can do is decide what I do and what my actions are. :) Rest of it is in other people's hands. I am at peace with myself.

Love, Light and Joy!


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