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I am done with Fake Foods! Processed little helpers for wives,  mothers and bachelors everywhere! Done! I have started to notice lately that everytime I buy for example french fries when I'm on time crunch I feel so bad after eating them, like they truly block my Solar Plexus Chakra. So no more! Just needed to say this before you read on about On Emotional Eating.

I am a vegetarian, and I love cooking with prober ingredients, or at least what I currently think are prober ingredients! ;) That said - I have been batteling with food issues lately, and I have been confused about why I am drawn to food that isn't really food at all, maily processed foods and sugar. And I haven't really found a lot of prober spiritual explanations for it! Go figure. ;)
Being attuned to my body has been helpful but not really helping enough to break the cycle. The cycle being sugar in it's candy form ( pretty much the worst graving  you can imagine ), see my mind knows how extremely bad sugar is for me, mind and body, but it is a powerful addictive subject so it's hard to get rid of it.

I stopped drinking alcohol in April 2010, which was easy as I've never really been into drinking in my adult age ( of course when I was young and in school alcohol was part of the group experience hense it happened every now and then ), I stopped because it wasn't in my spiritual path anymore.
Then I stopped drinking coffee in November 2010, now that was harder, not that I graved it, no, but my body went through 3 days of withdrawls of headaches, muscle aches and nausea. I stopped drinking coffee because of the caffein, a artificial pick me up. Now candy, being pretty much just sugar is trickier for me as it's a mood enhancer, literally sugar gives you a high ( not druggy high but sudden burst of feel good that only last a little while ). So when it's been a tough day at work ( I feel like I should talk in past tense as work's been good lately, less stress ) I notice the pick me up for me is going to the store as I get food and get candy as well, and when I eat it it does make me a little happier or relaxed for a while.

I can regocnise this behavior, which is good as it's probably the first step! Now the next step is to figure out how to stop doing this, how to break the cycle, and this is where I'll introduce you to this video of Leija Turunen's!

From YouTube:
Do you ever eat when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad, lonely, hopeless, angry, confused, lost, or even bored? Do you sometimes (or quite often) use food to suppress/ numb that pain you feel or use it in attempt to fill some void you feel through not (essentially) connecting to the heartspace and creative, spiritual self? I share my personal experience with emotional eating, why I feel I did it, and share some of the ways I worked through these issues. Of course there are going to be different reasons for why people eat emotionally, but for the majority of people, it usually comes down to one or more of the following:

  • Not being in alignment with your passions / having a stressful job - Believing you can't pursue a career that is in alignment with your passions and support yourself financially.
  • Not knowing how to manage emotional pain / stress in a healthy way.
  • Not speaking your truth / suppressing who you really are in some way.
  • Feeling bored and entertaining yourself with food.
  • Trying to escape or distract yourself from your problems with food.
  • Being a very sensitive / empathic person and feeling completely overwhelmed with life on this planet, and not knowing how to nurture your sensitivity / protect yourself from the harshness.
  • Having an overall feeling of stress and anxiety, which could be for a myriad of reasons, but when it comes down to it, it's a disconnection to the heartspace.
  • Feeling a void within - Not even knowing who you are, what you're truly passionate about (feeling disconnected) because of the influences from the media, education system, food & "disease-care" industry- ie. processed foods, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs like prozac.Not connecting to your creativity and spiritual side enough, and instead listening to once again, to the external influences and your ego's ideas about why you're not good enough as you are right now.
  • Perhaps having experienced something really traumatic, and using food to try to suppress/ numb that pain you still feel. Whatever the reason is, I feel that some of the things I talk about in this video can help you to some degree.
I really liked her tip to go and do something when you grave food, when you don't Need food for nutrition.
And her idea of connectin to the sweetness of life, so we don't have to fight boredom with chocolate, hit home for me.

So what I am taking from this video, mainly, is Calm Down, Get Out when I have candy graving ( 08:15 - 10:05 ) and workout the body and mind to solve emotions instead of eating candy.

Also tackling my personal habit of shopping for food daily, and instead doing it two to three times a week, so I have no reason to go to the store daily and pick up bad fake foods.

I'm excited to try this! I feel like I have to find my own right way to do this, what is right for my body and mind and soul. I don't want to go in anyway against my body and what is right for it.

Another experiment begins!

Love, Light and Joy!


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