Monday, May 30, 2011


... The sling-shot energy from the Solar Eclipse sends everyone into a new environment ...

This week, May 29th through June 4th, provides the sling-shot from our current situation into mid-air and finally into a new environment. The events from this week become wild with excitement as many adjustments take place.

Sunday brings the early morning connection of Jupiter and the Moon, which comes into close proximity to display the connection signaling that this eventful week is about to take place. Monday brings Moon to connect with action-oriented Mars and resolution-oriented Venus, both of which display magnificent options brought into motion. These opportunities come into play with new information that flies into the day on Tuesday. This information prompts change in many directions, which opens the curtains for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Wednesday, June 1st. Many events will be tossed into motion by the sling-shot of this Solar Eclipse that send us into our new environment. The events of the day spread quickly as full-fledged launch patterns visibly portray new directions darting across the cosmic skies.

Thursday Mercury moves into Gemini, joining the Sun to accentuate the information and changes that are visible from the jet patterns, igniting the visibility of changes. The angles of adjustments for many people come from Neptune, as new spiritual blueprints are brought forward that have been awaiting the signaled changes. These new blueprints announce the spiritual adjustments and present the maps of our new journey. All information is tossed onto the table.

Saturday, June 4th brings Jupiter's expansion phase from innovative, fiery Aries to the landing pattern onto the Taurus tarmac of our new environment. The situations that we have been putting into motion through our actions (as actions speak) will become the environment we land in at this time.

June is a ONE universal month, providing the new energy, which opens the floodgates for information to push us onto new shores. Many situations will become visible as we are thrust forward with the mega events that push us into June. The location of 11 Gemini pinpoints the target of the mega events as if an asteroid field were hitting our life as we fly through this time. It becomes important to get the message and to focus on our new environment that brings a destined new stage.

* May 2011 = 5 + 2011 =2016, (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9)
Universally, May is a NINE month

By Karyl Jackson @

Love, Light and Joy!


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