Sunday, May 29, 2011


Listen to FREE recordings of 30 speakers illuminating the secrets of true partnership! 
Beginning May 23rd 2011

"The go-it-alone cowboy mentality is hurting our families, our relationships, our organizations, and our planet - contributing to isolation, cut-throat competition, dysfunctional teams and divided family units.
We’ve spent too many years learning about “I, me and mine” and not enough about “we” - how do WE successfully create relationships, business partnerships and collaborations based on clear principles that allow our gifts to shine.
It’s now time for True Partnership - between men and women, between same sex couples, between businesses and the environment, between cultures and between religions.
Partnering skills are essential to harnessing the genius of collaboration, the joys of love and the gifts of social synergy. They are the foundation for creating a better world.
The only issue is that most of us were never taught the basics!"

"The Conscious Partnering Conference 2011 is here to change that. We’ve gathered the world’s leading experts to help you understand the principles and practices that create truly satisfying partnerships - from your home to the office and on to groups that share your passion for positive change.

Join us and you’ll learn to:
  •     Gracefully navigate common triggers and conflict in intimate relationships
  •     Communicate your desires in a way that leads to common ground
  •     Create clear agreements for effective business partnerships
  •     Relate in both masculine and feminine ways
  •     Apply partnership principles to our relationship with the natural world
  •     Create sacred unions and spiritual partnerships
  •     Deepen your bond to communities - moving beyond “me” to “we”
We’re in a world facing many crises. What’s heartbreaking is that there are so many incredible solutions available, yet we’re paralyzed by unhealthy individualism and an inability to cooperate.

Join us to be part of the solution at the Conscious Partnering Conference. Learn new skills, practices and secrets you can apply in every area of your life - from finding and sustaining romance and creating deeper bonds with your children to building fun and successful business partnerships and collaborating with others to bring about peace, sustainability and abundance for all.
See the Program HERE, but don't forget to Register. :)

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I signed up for this Conference Series, in order to truly learn the WE of US. Namaste.

Love, Light and Joy!


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