Sunday, February 25, 2007

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

It's easier these days, and yet it's much harder these days.
In a society with drugs, abuse, violence... how easy is it to be unconditionally loving?

Better yet, can you be unconditionally loving?

It's easy towards your spouse, family and friends even... Because you know them, you know what moves them and what angers them.

What about a mean drunk on the side of the road?
Yes, that is a lot harder. You can know he's just as much a part of god as you are, but still you and him have a unique difference and a unique similarity.
He (or she) hasn't come to grip with his emotions, troubles, ideas and was slugged aside like an old wash cloth and wasn't capable of coping with it.

You have had those moments of being slugged away too, but you coped.
It's in your blueprint that you can cope.

I think that aplies really well to all the unlovable in this world, the robbers, murderers, pedophiles, rapists, drunks, drug abusers... all of them at one point let go of the wheel. So how did they survive the horrible crash then.
God/Creator/Higher Power. Yes, still loved by god. (and if we are a part of god what does it mean?)
If there is no struggle we do not know how great we have it... true and not true.

Those people who's blueprints have these cruel fates are the ones who have to fullfill that karma... and by fullfilling that karma they help other people learn about themselves, and so on and so on...

Let's take as an example:

A woman is robbed and killed on the street, her family and friends moarn her, discover new things about this woman, things they never knew. They have to cry, they have to rage, they have to learn to be a whole person again. It takes a huge amount of time, a great effort from their body and soul to learn what they came here to learn.

A violent death can be in your blueprint. Maybe to pay off your karma, maybe to teach your loved ones what is loss, and pain and how to cope with it.

One death effect so many, the more public the death, more people are effected by it.

One could even compare the celebrity craze to this.
Why is the world so obsessed?

Well how many young people learn about battle with anorexia, drugs, mental problems?
A huge amount of young people!
It's like taking a magnifying glass on life lesson and multiplying it by millions.
It is a craze and it is a great blueprint by god.

Even hollywood isn't the empty, black hole of corruption... but on one angle actually the magnifying glass of learning for those who otherwise might have to wait a whole life time to learn a certain life lesson.

Think of local classes and universal classes.

I got off track a bit.

So Unconditional Love, is unconditional, you just have to know why things got to it, how the only thing you can control is your reaction and your knowledge.

You don't have to hug drunk, or go smile to a pedophile(or smack their teeth in).
But you need to know that Everything happens for a reason, karma does exist, you cannot escape thing by pushing them away in to the back of your mind. (that may lead a a life of "those" we been talking about)

Unconditionally love Life, as a whole, it has it's purpose, you have your purpose, "they" have their purpose.
You could not learn what you have to in this life, if "they" weren't here to learn their lessons.

We are all connected.


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