Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been a while since I've been watching Spirit Science videos, for some reason I watched the first episode again, I meditated after it, opening my heart chakra, igniting my kundalini energy and as I was strengthening the kundalini energy flow I spontaneously started to heal my hurt vertebra and suddenly my mind made the connection Emoto's water crystal pattern experiments of attaching a label on the jar and concentration that energy to it - and healing my back!

Sending love to my two hurt vertebra was such a strong experience that I begun to cry because it made me so happy. I decided that at the end of my meditation I would do what Emoto did and label "the jar with Love" aka take a piece of ban-aid and write I Love You on it and stick it to my back where the pain originates.

Cho Ku Rei means
"Place the power of the universe here"

Of course this was not all - after doing this I was drawn to view another completely focused video on Water and it blew my mind - see for yourself here :


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