Friday, December 17, 2010


Adding to yesterday's burgeoning tension - wherein the Sun in Sagittarius squared Jupiter in Pisces and is now going to square Juno in Virgo - is that our local star is making its annual union with the Galactic Center over the next 2 days.

Every year - on or around December 17 - 18 - the Sun reaches a placement in late Sagittarius which is directly in line with the mass of stars and black hole that form a super-giant magnetic, mysterious aura at the heart center of the Milky Way. We - in this solar system - are traveling in an orbit of approximately 250 million years around the Milky Way central point while we are strung out in a spiral arm some 26,000 light-years from downtown galaxy central.

Right now and into tomorrow the interpersonal themes are ratcheted up to extremely high levels. Therefore, avoid disempowering yourself or a significant other through negative thinking, moodiness or critical comments.

Adding to heightened emotional turbulence are a Moon-Venus opposition and Venus making a potentially frictional, 45-degree contact with Juno. It may be better to zero in on business matters, exercise routines or sprucing up your home environment than in pushing an ego-driven agenda in romance.

We are also just one day away from Venus making an abrasive, 135-degree link to revolutionary Uranus, the Sun squaring Uranus, and the Sun also making a dicey, 45-degree tie to Venus. All of this constitutes another love-social-creativity triangle that may need enhanced flexibility on your part.


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