Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ready for more movie news! It's is not often that Spiritual movies are made, so I thought I'd keep you updated on this one. January 11, 2011 is the official DVD release date. However, you will be able to pre-order the DVD a month before on December 11th 2010.  In addition, for that pre-order period from 1th1 Dec. 2010 - 10th Jan. 2011 those of you who have been waiting so patiently will be able to receive a discount on the purchase. Just before this takes place we will give everyone who reads this blog a coupon code and the link to our new store website.
"On a family vacation fate deals them a different hand when they are stranded near mysterious, mystical Mt. Shasta, in which circumstances require they stay for a while. After they rent a house on acreage near the base of the mountain, it doesn’t take long for the ‘mysterious magic’ of the mountain to begin its course. As the family now has all the modern distractions of their world removed, they are forced into more inner reflection, which opens them up to a new world of possibilities. The main narrative is set in motion when Ambrose, a sagely homeless man, gradually unravels Hope’s life. Is he really attempting to be a conduit and facilitator for her self-discovery, or a mysterious force hiding a dark secret? She doesn’t realize her buried traumatic past could be tied to him and the mountain, both factoring into her enigmatic dreams."


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Love, Light and Joy!

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