Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well - this makes more sense to me! I have never cared for "New Years" after Christmas - but I have always been very aware of the Spring Equinox, never knew why, but this sure explains it.

~By Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow
The New Year is not January 1st! The new year-the Spring Equinox-occurs around March 21, when the Sun enters 0 degrees Aries by geocentric astrology. For Earth, this is when the Sun is directly over the equator. Then it tracks north until it reaches the Tropic of Cancer at 0 degrees Cancer during the Summer Solstice around June 21. Then it turns back and crosses over the equator at 0 degrees Libra during to the Fall Equinox around September 23. It moves south of the equator until it reaches the Tropic of Capricorn at 0 degrees Capricorn on the Winter Solstice around December 21. Then the Sun seems to move north again for its return to the equator for the next Spring Equinox. Of course, the Sun only seems to move in this pattern from Earth's view, since the phenomena is caused by the tilt of Earth's axis as it orbits the Sun during a solar year.

The modern calendar abuses our conciousness! The time to make plans for each year is during the Spring Equinox, not during the so-called "New Year". The most philosophical and spiritual time of the year is the Winter Solstice, which is reduced to addictions and consumerism by Christmas shopping, eating, and drinking. In fact, December 21st to March 21st, the last quarter of the year, is our yearly completion time. The special days and nights right before the Winter Solstice are the most mystical time of the year, and we should meditate for hours during this time. Then when the Sun is in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces before the Spring Equinox, we should be deepening our understandings of all the things we have learned during the last nine months-the previous Spring Equinox to the Winter Solstice.

The Spring Equinox is the time to identify the intentions we wish to fulfill during the four seasons. Ideas correctly seeded at the Spring Equinox manifest for a year, and I will offer instructions for correctly seeding ideas and manifesting them through the rest of the seasons. During the Summer Solstice, the time has arrived to birth these ideas into recognizable form, like a forming fetus. The Fall Equinox is the time to flesh out, balance, and assess these creations and to weed things out that just are not working. Then the Winter Solstice is the time to enter into deep contemplation to imagine how our personal creations assist others and the planet.

The Winter Solstice is the time to be brutally honest and evaluate whether our ideas enhance others or whether they may actually be detrimental for evolution. A sweet elixir of knowing comes the day of the Winter Solstice when the light begins to return, and each one of us can put greater realities above our personal desires. It is no accident that in Western cultures commercial Christmas is inserted just when people are amazingly psychic and attuned! I suggest you cancel Santa Claus during the Winter Solstice and spend three months reflecting on what you've created during the year.
~By Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow

After reading this I went to get a cup of coffee, but instead of returning to the computer with it - I headed for the couch to meditate, not a conscious choice just went there by guidense of my body. I sat the mug on the table, sat myself on the couch and crossed my legs underneath me, closed my eyes, placed my hands on my knees touching my thumb and index finger together. I felt it immediately, something new, energy flowed in a circle through the connection between my thumb and index finger and after picking up speed travelled up my forearms to my shoulders to the centre of my chest where it formed a circle around my Heart Chakra. It circled around it picking up speed until the energy source was opened and white light poured out of it both front and back. The Source Light steadied and rose up and poured down steadily across my body calming me and relaxing my muscles, and when completely relaxed the other day's static Light Body inside me came forth smoothly over my skin, smoothly and eloquently, energising me, and establishing a great connection to my I AM presence. I asked few questions, got few answers, one was of the authensity of the message above on winter and spring equinox, which was confirmed, the other was to keep my Light Body outside me in my  daily life, apparently that will be an option to just recall to the surface after Dec 21st the Winter Solstice. As this experience wained down I felt the Light Body pull back inside me, but it lingered at the very top of my skin, energising, tingling the nerves there, and I felt invinsible, untouchable - I think after the Winter Solstice we'll be able to call this shield at will - it felt like concentrated gold light right on the top of my skin, only millimeters thick. In the end the Light Body retracted back inside me and I opened my eyes.

I enjoyed this new experience with my Light - my I AM presence - my Source. Bring on the 21st and it's effects. :)

Love, Light and Joy!


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