Saturday, April 24, 2010


I remember the first time I tried meditation... I could not hold still, my whole body protested this new thing with itches, jerks, uncomfortable feelings in muscles. And my attention spand was a whopping 2 minutes.
Luckily as I searched more about Meditation I learned that this is common with beginners. The body, the ego are put off by this new thing that is stripping time and awareness from them.
I came across a mention that to overcome this is to in a way challenge yourself. To know you are doing it right is to do this persistantly until you no longer react or give attention to any twitching.
When you are doing it right is when absolutely nothing gets your attention, not jerks or dogs that come sniff you.
Eventually I passed - took me about a few days to be and not be-in-attention to myself.

Next big step was visualisation - what a hoot that was! And tough to begin with. My guide notes said that to begin was to sit in the lotus position (legs gently crossed, spine straight, hands on your thighs/knees, palms up, breathing deeply but gently) and look at an apple infront your eyes, then close your eyes and invision the apple infront of you. Turn the apple look at it from all the angles. This was easy - as I have always had a good imagination.
Next step was to create a rose, without having an example. This was harded, and as I did manage to make a rose - on close inspection it was just a thought of a rose look-a-like, it literally took almost a week to create a visualisation with life, petals, and scent and texture that was a as real if not more real than in the world of forms and atoms.
But after that meditation has been amazing - I see so much, in such vibrant colors.

Ofcourse visualization is the most important thing you have to be accustomed to, to be a Channeller (use to be called medium).
I probably would have not been that succesful in channeling my quides if I didn't have such a vivid imagination and newly acquired skills in visualization. It sure made it easier to begin with. But how I started channelling is whole different topic. So back to meditation...

There are two types of meditation.
is being still silent, without thought- simply being present, breathing and detaching. It is Zen, it is Buddhist.Then there is the Second kind where you vision, hear, feel and explore your Higher Self, help your body to live in a human form.
I love both deeply, they both have their use.

When I am at stress, in anger or in desperation the Vision Meditation reminds me that all things happen for a reason in our human form, peace and happiness the opposite of my fearful state is only few breaths away.

And the Still Meditation connects me to my essence, where I am not human I am energy unattached for emotions and feeling and exist to be pure lightness and light.

I've been meditating since I was 16 and I cannot imagine my life without it.

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