Friday, April 23, 2010


A Course in Miracles has been for years on my list of books to read.
I even tried it once but I wasn't ready. I ended up not having time and energy to delve into it.

A Course in Miracle was channelled, scribed. The information came through Sananda Maitreya also called Son of God, Jesus Christ and ascended master very well known to humanity.

But I came across a 10 page print with Lessons 51 - 60 in sort of clift notes.
And it absolutely resonated with me on a whole new level.

I believe this is because I am finally comfortable with God and Son of God, and know what they mean. I use to be stuck on the bible terms and it threw me off the book.
Now I can read it, now that i know what god and Jesus mean to me.

To me God is... I am God, You are God, We are God. Our Higher Self the part of us that is pure, light and connected to absolutely everything on earth is God. As our Higher Selves are connected to everything we are also connected to each other's Higher Selves forming God.

To me Jesus (Son of God/Sananda) is... Humanity, Me, You, Us. Our Human form is the collective of Son of God. Half of me possible to connect to my Higher Self through spiritual awareness and half of me in the throws of my ego, my mind and my thoughs. All of us in our human form make Son of God.

With this in mind ---

Lesson 51
1 Nothing I see means anything. 2 The reason this is so is that I see nothing and nothing has no meaning. 3 It is nessacery that I recognize this, that I may learn to see. 4 What I think I see now is taking place of vision. 5 I must let it go by realizing it has no meaning, so that vision may take its place.

What I got from this is... 4. Seeing things without being present. 5 Be still, Be in the NOW to see.
With this in mind I looked around online and gathered this for a Free .PDF read:


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