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Tracy Gendron from *~Light Center~* on Facebook send the best NEW YEAR post I've gotten this year, so here follows - I've bolded some of the high lights for me, though it all rings true.
I have been thinking a lot about 2010's new-to-us vibration and am thinking it would be a wonderful thing to follow the Red Earth Wavespell that started today (Red Magnetic Earth - Day 1 - Dec 26, 2009 - How do I call forth the resonance of my true vibration within the context of the new energy available in 2010?) and carries on through to the New Year's Day energy (Blue Resonant Night) to the final 13th day: Red Cosmic Moon on Jan 7, 2010.

To me, this 13 day Wavespell, is the bridge that carries us into the New Beginnings that the 2010 vibration embodies - so I'll be riding it and paying attention and I hope that many of you will join me! I just read through some of the key days (first, 7th for New Year's Day and the last day) and, wow, it sounds reeeeally exciting you guys!

Numerologically, 2010 is significant because we start a new cycle with the '10' energy. In 2009 we did a lot of clearing, wouldn't you say? I know I did! Being the last number in the cycle (9) - energy was available to wrap up the old, clear out shadow stuff, limiting beliefs, restrictive situations and basically do some house-cleaning on a emotional-mental level. Of course, any house-cleaning on the physical bodily level helps to clear out the old to make room for the new, too! I found myself quite sick for much of 2009 with strange mystery illnesses but my mental/emotional self mirrored this physical state, too. I found myself quite angry and impatient and having trouble in particular felt like all this old gunk that had accumulated emotionally was being activated so it could come to the surface, I could take a look and deal with it (instead of thinking: oooh I'm never angry!) and then, voila, clear it out forever, yay! I ended my year with an amazing Master Cleanse that put me back in perfect health - and I'm planning on starting another one with my mom on January 1st just because it's the only time we can do it together. If any of y'all are interested in that we can discuss it over on the MC discussion thread.

(Blogger's Note: I ended my year with Flu, it was almost like a last cleanse before New Year. My flu ended on the 26th - I take that as a sign)

SO - NEW is where we're headed. In fact, to me, it feels like I am completely new myself....all those beliefs I had about myself have been sloughed off and I'm feeling free and unencumbered - ready to co-create this next new phase from a clear, fresh-eyed place. Anyone else feeling this way?


... as we approach 2010 and have been open, once again, to creating something absolutely new in my life. I encourage you all to plug in to whatever source or tool that helps to guide you (dreams, meditation, writing, synchronicities) to let the energies know that you are up for creating something stunningly new and amazing in your life and that you'll pay attention to all the signs and signals you receive.

Remember 10 energy is: Intuition, Fortune, Luck, A turn for the better, New Beginnings. We have the 0 (divine power) working through the 1 (mars) to bring about a burst of new energy that brings about new starts and a change in fortune. The Wheel of Fortune (card #10) is ruled by Jupiter

Because 2010 reduces to a 3 it's good to keep in mind that 3 energy is available to you too: Growth, Travel, Self-Expression. The Empress (card #3) is ruled by Jupiter and Venus.

Lots of Jupiter energy available in 2010 which is fantastic for growth, expansion, optimism, luck and benevolence. Ahhhh I just checked to see what Jupiter is actually doing in 2010 and I see that on New Year's Day Jupiter is conjunct Neptune (significant spot! - dreaming big, benevolent, idealistic feelings of universal love...) and then at the end of January Jupiter moves into Pisces (it's just spent the last year in Aquarius) which means that at some point in 2010 Jupiter will conjoin Uranus (expect the unexpected) in Pisces....that brings Benevolent Changes, big surprises...great to catapult you into a brand new 10 cycle!

So, with Jupiter in Pisces - people with planets in the water and earth signs will be feeling verrrrry positive and open to having the Universe shower you with blessings!

(Blogger's Note: I'm a Taurus so as an earth sign I'll be right up there with the positive)

If you want to follow along with the wavespell that will bridge us into 2010 go here: We can think of the 13 day Wavespell as a concentration of the energies and ideas and feelings and manifestations for 2010 and the whole new cycle that starts in 2010.

To briefly sum up - it's like in order to reap all the benefits we need to first Ground, center and be present Now through Red Earth energy.....then on New Year's Day the vibration is: Blue Resonant Night which gives us an idea of what 2010 is about for Dreamspell......Being Conscious Dreamers to 'dream a different reality into being'! Wow - that is exciting! New Beginnings individually and collectively, of course, with our conscious-dreaming!

Theme for 2010: "In becoming a conscious dreamer, you can assist in literally creating a new reality for yourself, as well as constributing to the larger dream that is emerging. By focusing on this creation, your thoughts and intentions are projected at superluminal speeds across the crystal grid network that encompasses universes. This energetic field seeds, supports, and empowers the creation of an unfolding reality."

And, the final day 13th where you surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern of 2010 is with Red Moon, the cosmic seed of awakened awareness. MMM mmm! Surrendering to remembering ALL that you are. We are all Masters.
I wish you all a magical, exciting, new 2010 filled with wonderful surprises you've never dreamed of (but feel familiar) that catapult you into our beautiful World that is already Heaven on Earth. It already exists. Let's expand it together...

In Lak'esh,
White Crystal Mirror

Explains why I came back to my blog here yesterday - of all days! - and why I am so very drawn to my tarot deck this morning, it's time to break out the Crowley back and take a good look at myself.


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