Tuesday, December 29, 2009



This was a mixed salad one, there was five parts but I only recall the last four.


I was going to a sauna and ran into a guy who was studying and asked me to help him with photoshopping, we talked a while about Layers and Gradient maps. His girlfriend was jealous.
I was going to take my hubby to spend the morning with me at work the next day but at the last moment told my co-worker that I was coming to work at 12.
I was somewhere outside in the green nature that had tables and thing on them, I tried on pink blush, but it was super sparkly - I left ended up in a store with one of my kindergarden kids with another close by with the mom, she gave her kid to me like I was already at work. There we're food in the cart, spilling out.
Alien ship that you walked on top of, agains a sunny sky with clouds. I wasn't attacked but they didn't want me there cause they would get in trouble.


Sauna = Start of something new in your life.
To Teach = to show inner wisdom and experiences in life.

Work = If seen in a dream as unpleasent means unhappiness at work. (twice)
Green = The color of growth, lifeforce and nature, that reflects hope. (green field with tables on it)
Light color/pink = tells of positive things, purity and ideals. (the pink blush)
Food = The context of your life, symbolises the spiritual and physical health.

Spaceship = Spiritually open space, indicates you want to broaden your living surrounding and learn new thing in the spiritual field ( so what does it mean when I wasn't exactly welcome?)
Airplane(spaceship) = If the plane is high it symbolises grand scale aspirations - Being on the plane means speedy progress towards the goal.


I should see a new beginning of some sort, possibly sharing my wisdom and experiences. My current work isn't what i want to do very seriously - I have always wanted a palce in a spiritual community and work there. There seems to be hope for my ideal job. I really do want a positive working enviorment, I wan't to upkeep the purity of my soul in everyday life. Right now I seem to be in perfect spiritual health (as the food was over flowing the cart), which means I get to see things clearly now. Now the spaceship - Grand scale aspiration in broading my spiritual life - I am working for the goal as we speak. I was so sure I wouldn't be able to understand this herring-salad* of a dream - but it all makes perfect sense now!

*finnish proverb - basically herring salad has so many ingredients that it's a complite mess.


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