Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Day 4's Dream

I arrived through an airport to an office building, to work there. My room was open and light and it had a fridge. I had my sisters there to watch movies with me, but then the younger one had to leave because we were watching one with living dead in a desert scene. This office job turned to my old kindergarden job and I had to bring a little order to chaotic room.


Office = Reflects your day-to-day life (open, light and homey)
Sister = In a woman's dream sister means her shadow side, the opposite sides of her personality (one left one stayed)
Work = Continuous dreams of work mean there is unfinnished business there - also mans working through work related problems (well I've already been convignsed about what I need to do)



I'm using my mom's dream dictonary (as I stayd over night here so this makes no sense really - I have to check my own book when I get home.


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