Thursday, December 31, 2009


Day 5's Dream

These one's stuck very well in my head - very clear dreams.


I was running in the woods, it was a competition, Pete was running behind me, we got out of the woods and got to Mall, we went down these escalators that were turned to slides, and then had to go back up them.
I messed with an evil girls hair asking if she was getting pink stripes, then had to talk to my friends so they wouldn't be mad at me because the evil girls would pay back. There was pie, lots of it.
My sister Ida had a birthday and there was a bulldog that had a device that measured how far he run, calories burned and steps taken.
There was a gym that had two owner that were really shady, then they turned the gym to a make-up store, there was a girl putting on bronzer when she was kicked out.


Forest = Your subconcious (I ran, I was happy, there was a path way)
Climbing = Desire to advance in your job, or to get better employment. if it's a high climb, it will be tought, if you keep climbing you are head strong and are stupporn, if you make it to the top you will survive the challenges in your life.

Friends = Depict the different sides of your personality ("I want to be friends with you." I'm not sure it's worth it.")
Sister = The otherside of your personality (not able to feel cared enough for - as all her gifts weren't actually to her)

To cheat/be shady = You have to be honest to yourself. (This has something to do with the gym and beauty - and to be honest to myself about them)


So, perhaps underneath my worries I am actually happy - as my worries are illusions to begin with. This a big challenge that I can over come. Even tho I believe my body and beauty isn't upto bar - I need to see the truth that I am beautiful and I aren't fat - and I am lovable. My body is perfect for me - nothing of it needs to be changed. that's my challenge to except me - love me, as I am, a spiritual, happy being.

Well this sure was a dream I NEEDED! :) First I wasn't sure where this was going but I got it at the end.


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