Monday, December 28, 2009


I suggest that you keep a journal during these 13 days. Start your day by writing down any dreams you have and interpreting them the best you can. Use association and lookup keywords...

Day 2's Night - Dream

I was living with my aunt, M-L, in an old finnish style wooden house, when her neightbour came and took two little bowls and left. We got them back and she was furious - as were we as she didn't ask she just took them. We locked ourselves in this house with her son in there too (son wasn't my rl cousin). Finally after 3 weeks of that crazy lady going about outside the house, my aunt went out, and I did too to walk Orion with my husband - there was a man on our road with a chainsaw about to cut trees, and he was about to egnite the saw when Orion was between his legs. I yelled - and the guy yelled - at my husband to pull him out of there. Walked some more and then he asked me what the borders of Laajasalo are, because he's staying at a hotel there. I promised to draw it intoa map for him.
I felt very agited the first part of the dream - it was very confusing, so I'm taking my "Big Book of Dreams" out and TRY make sense of it.

Bowls / vessels /dishes = Celebration... Portray the state of the soul (mine were whole, there was 4 in total and I was very protective of them), as how they are old new, broken, whole... (the lady tried to take the two new ones but not the two old ones I had in my arms - perhaps this is about my last two life cycles???)
House = Portrays the state of your life, kitchen means warmth and safety... (old wooden house, old but in good shape - I spend the whole time in the kitchen)
Lock = Lockling things means you don't want to show your true self to anyone. You don't want them to know your subcontious world. (true, I only speak of my spirituality to the people who express interest first - I won't push it to your face but I won't show it either unless you express interest - even though I always live with it)
Border = You have unnessiceraly prohibited your freedom wither moving, saying or rights.


In short I protect myself too much, when it comes to my spirituality, I have for the past two lives I've had, I've prohibited so much because of the fear people will consider me crazy, stupid or nuts because of my own personal Truth.
And it has been unnessicery - which is true, there are no witch trials anymore... I should be fine and not lock myself up in to my own soft, warm and fuzzy little world.
I need the strenght to stand proud with myself - it's the only way to unite the two sides of myself I've been trying to work to unite for years.


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