Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I went by the library today and picked up three CDs - Journey to the Faeries, Deuter's Nada Himalaya and Aeoliah's Realms of Grace.

Llewellyn's Journey to the Faeries is a blissful mix of soothing music with winchimes and sparkle, like fairy dust springled down on the ground. Nature sounds like chrips and wind in the trees - gorgeous, takes you straight into the fairy realm. I highly recommend it.
Visit to hear samples of the songs.
I hope you agree that there is beauty in faerie music.

Deuter's Nada Himalaya begins with a bowl that vibrates right down to your essence.
Amazing, vibrational, uplifting, shifting music that Deuter does so well. Absolutely perfect for meditation. Only natural sounds of tibetian bells and bowls, chimes and mountain streams are used.
It's like the instruments want to heal you from inside out by just listening to them. Amazing.
Visit to hear samples of the songs.
I especially recommend Nada Himalaya 1 - try it and feel it.

Aeoliah's Realms of Grace is beautiful, calm, relaxing soothing music literally from the higher realms.
You relax, unable to keep your eyes open , the music takes you to a deep state of calm when the music sooths your muscles and your mind. beautiful.
Visit to hear samples of the songs.

If you are tight on money the library is the way to go in giving your soul some peace of mind. ;)

Love, Light and Joy!


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