Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Money is everywhere again, everywhere I look I see people, adds and commercial saying the same thing, how to get happy wealthy life. Even spiritual ads.

What's with all the money!?

I am happy now, why do I need wealth as well? It is no surprise that this is repeated to us, because of the current state of the world finances. Which I have been turning a def ear on to be honest, it's the job of the TV to focus on the negative, and I rather give my time and energy to the positive.
But as this world is so worked up on TV and money it makes mundane normal person sense that money is the top focus. Wealth includes a lot of money - don't be fooled. Money is an attachment, even the smallest amount is attachment. People want it and when they have it they hold onto that state for dear life.
And what dreary state it is to be money obsessed.

And it is no surprise that as we progress and evolve as species we face money "karma". After all we have to get that out of the way, if we have any chance in evolving spiritually.
I heard lately a woman say "I love money", she meant Love, not gimme, gimme, gimme or so I understood.
It's been said over and over again in different sacred text to replace hate, fear and addiction with Love - the kind of love that Knows... to know it is, accept it is and love all that is, like it is second nature ( hah! - well first nature actually but that's not a saying ).
We know money exists, it is touchable by hand, seen with eyes, smelled with the nose so it is easy to acknowledge, it is. To detach from wanting, needing money you need to know it is, without any of it's qualities It Is - it just is there, like a leaf would be on your hand.
If we accept money as it is in our hand, we accept money Is in this world, there are things it makes happen, very good and very bad - without emotional uprising accept this is what money does, it is in this world as it is, it is not to disappear.

Now to Love money, with a smile, see the detail, feel the texture and recall how this too is a manifestation of Universal Love - in all truth it is as much a manifestation of energy as a bird. As we have come to know it is, accept it is, then like a fluffy adorable bird we can Love what is. With Love and honor for existence we can Love money.

How to work with this new money?
Just like before buy groceries, give away money for these things with Love, like a blessing.
Pay rent as if this was the most joyous things as is shelters you between these four walls.
But keep away from gathering more belonging, as it is easy to stop seeing divine exchange and see Money.
Trust me, this process I worked out for myself has had for me as well ups and downs - there is a very strong stamp on money in this world and if you don't pay attention it creeps up on you and you have to begin again.
Not that there is anything wrong with beginning again. :)

It is all about happiness - when you are happy, you are complete.

Love, Light and Joy!


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