Saturday, March 5, 2011


I can't recall the first time I heard "Fake it till you make it" spoken in spiritual context. But I recall it stuck with me.
I remember a bad spell of time where I had to fake to be happy to eventually be happy.
What I mean by faking is, be it until you believe it.
Not the snotty, posh, snobby way of faking it with a plastic grin and the cocktail ring to go with it.

Be it until you believe it.
Be happy until you are Happy.
Be brave until you are Brave.
Be true until you are True.
Be genuine until you are Genuine.
Be honest until you are Honest.

It's a small advice but trust me it can do much more for you than you think - it is like learning to drive a car or getting into the flow, getting use to of the energy of it before you can manifest it.

I personally choose right now to be true, until I am always True to myself.
It's almost a play or a dare... what would true to herself Niina do here, stand or flee? Speak or shut up? Do or don't? It'll be an interesting experiment!

Love, Light and Joy!


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