Saturday, March 27, 2010


Just like The Autumn, The Spring effects my mood.
Just like decending darkness weights on me,
the elumination of the sun stuns me.

I feel heavier, as if clued to my body. Even though every atom of me is happy to vibrate a higher note with the energy of the sun.
Maybe it's the slow thawing of the ground that I'm feeling, the slowness and the numbness.

Being very attuned to the Earth and having worked with her a lot I seem to forget her power, and live through her.

So let's cheer up then! My higher vibration will partake in the waking of the Earth.

S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder, basically the Seasons cause you to react to them through your body, your moods and your energy. The Autumn is easier to understand since the Darkness is more synonymous with sadness. But the Spring is harder - shy would we feel out of energy when we get more light. Some say our bodies can't understand the change. I think that's bit of bull... I think it just makes perfect since to feel slower as if waking up. little irrated to be woken up from sleep.
If you look at the Seasons it makes since, what happens to Earth during the Year, what happens to us during the year. Little closer look will explain a lot.

Recognise these?

Winter: Hibernation, Stillness, Burrowing, Storage, Saving Energy
Spring: Thawing, Awaking, Slowness, Revived Energy, Growth
Summer: Growth, Movement, Joy, Energy, Sun, Love, Sex, Using Energy
Autumn: Slowing, Darkness, Dying, Sadness, Saving Energy, Morning Losses

Now doesn't this discripe humans Seasonal Moods as well as Mother Earths?


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