Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Reading about masters and ascended beings and other great men who did a great work soulfully - I seem to have turned my boat to another direction on one matter.

There is much talk about heros and masters, and until given names I am with you but when the talk come up of Marilyn Monroe or Jimmy Henrix being the master soul... I see myself huffing.

I took a step back to investigate this new development.

Earlier I thought - oh, that's cool! Now I just feel this focus on celebrities pouring into spirituality is unnessacery. Causes me to cringe.

It doesn't matter what your name was - it matters what you learned.

It doesn't matter what your name was.

It doesn't matter what your name is.

Be. Love. Learn. Flow.


In the photo Ascended Master Lady Portia
More information:

LADY PORTIA is the Goddess Of Justice and also Goddess of Opportunity. She represents divine justice to the Earth. Her action is that of balance, with the scales as a symbol; there must be harmony to hold a balance. She went on into perfection, when imperfection began to be externalized, and She was therefore not drawn into discord with mankind. She remained in the inner spheres and only came forth April 9, 1939, for the first time. She started Cosmic Justice into action for the Earth. It was made known then that She was THE TWIN RAY (flame) of beloved SAINT GERMAIN. She is One of the Members of THE KARMIC BOARD, representing the Seventh Ray on that Board. She became Spokesman June 27, 1954, in honor of SAINT GERMAIN having become the presiding Master for the next two thousand year cycle. One can call to Her for assistance in legal action. Her electronic pattern is the Maltese Cross.


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