Sunday, September 4, 2011


I purchased Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance early this year, and have enjoyed it enormously, the freedom and energy it gives me, tha calmness that Hatha Yoga in it has made me feel.

I've been so focus on work lately, and this truly has been mandatory, that I have given part of my spirituality stay in the backburner... as I feel energy has been drain from me since work started (I won't go into it too much but I have to say 5 new small children to our group at once is a lot) - after a workday I just want to escape, and I do that by reading.

You might have not noticed that during the summer I opened another venture, another blog that is fully dedicated to book reviews. I you might recall one of my only vices as I've already let go of coffee, alcohol and sugar - paranormal romance novels. ;) The blog is called "For The Love of Reading!" The reason I mention it is because I finished a book called "Where Demons Fear to Tread" just yesterday and the ending of it was a reminder for me to feel my creative energy again! But it did more than that, the main character is an angel, she's a guardian who is teaching yoga to her assignee, and it made me put my Yoga Trance Dance video back in rotation to feel the spiritual high I get from the little yoga I know.

But more than that it made me finally actually purchase the Shiva Rea: Flow Yoga For Beginners to actually learn yoga, dip my toes in the pool I've been dying to swim in.

I'm pretty sure yoga and me are meant to be together, as soon as I just create my way to it.

Buy the European Region version @ for £07.99 / €10.53

Buy the American Region version @ Acacia Lifestyle for $12.74

Now a preview of the Flow Yoga for Beginners

* 40 minutes of preview later, I feel amazing. <3


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