Friday, June 11, 2010


I find myself very Confused. Why? Mixed information.

In one hand it makes perfect sense and has been referred to in all Spiritual Literature all over the world...
Do not give your energy to the negative. Don't feed world's populations fears. Don't let yourself become angry or sad over war and distress because that only gives your energy to it and creates more of it.
On other hand there is so much that is wrong, the most horrible kind of wrong where children die of hunger and diseace... And I wonder is it enough to want healing and light and love to them.
In others eyes am I uncaring because I don't bask in the news of their distress.

It is a firm belief of mine that we all decide where we are born and why. It seems rude to say this but then again I cannot set aside what makes world amazing, just because there is such a think in this world as Karma. When I say karma, I do not mean the simplest eye for an eye thing, but the complex grid of intersecting personal relationships of people, your role in the life of your boss, your mother's role in your life, your bosses role in your mailman's meltdown that leads to you missing in on getting that letter that causes bankrubsy that is Karma due to your life time two times over where you caused the divorse due to money to your current boss.
That is the Complex Karma Grid I am talking about.
All these things in our world that are very horrible, seem to be very carefully operated so that each and everyone of us gets to fullfill their role that they picked for this life time. BUT that said what does their struggle mean for us who do not struggle? How are we to react, how are we to view it, how are we to see it? Deattached? Conserned? Healing?

How does it effect me if I am only Healing and not conserned?


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