Saturday, June 5, 2010


Saturday - GWT 6:05 - 5th June 2010
This Channeling is Through * Niina S. Cord

I asked for a message for myself, for today. This message came to me partly because I am on my way today to see my sisters and extended family because they both are gratuating, one from 6th grade, one from polytechnic.


I am Tianna

On this day you are surrounded by family. A natural caring, loving environment. It is effortless, soothing and steady flow of love. They share the ease of physical manifestation of caring in contact such as hugs and kisses, that are not sexual. Family is your prime example of what love on Earth is suppose to be. UNCONDITIONAL. They share with you the bond of the whole humanity in a microcosm. It is your way, your purpose to learn to Expand you family, not by marriage and sex and babies - but through Unconditional Love. Accept new sisters, new brothers, new mothers, new fathers, cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces - EXPAND! A flower is family, it is in your energy as much as you are in theirs, do not destroy your family BUT cherish each member, the flora, the fauna, the human. We are ONE family, each mineral, each organic, each and everyone of US. There is no separation between you and the flower, my dear, there is no separation between you and I, I AM your sister.
EXPAND your family to include ALL. You cannot be truly whole if you do not TRULY accept everyone as part of you Unconditional Love Family.

Be Love, Be Family, Be Alive.



She appeared to me for the first time today, she looked spanish, dark haired, dark eyes, filled with grace, strength and unconditional love.

Thank you Tianna, Be Blessed In Light.



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