Tuesday, June 29, 2010

13 DAY WAVESPELL 26.6 - 8.7.2010

TRACY GENDRON, the awesome lady who runs *~LightCenter~* on Facebook sent a message to us about the 13 Day Wavespell that takes place between 26th of June and 8th of July.

I remember getting a message from the owner of Somsola about the 26th being a great day of power when many things shift, including people's ideals and viberations, for the higher.

As I happened to be on a boat to St. Petersburg on 26th and 27th I have to recap them in this post, but like with the last wavespell I'll be posting daily, with dreams and ideas that match each day. Last time I did this was last Winter, another truly powerful time in my life just like this Spring as well.

From Tracy Gendron's Message:
THEN after I looked at the chart (at the bottom of this note) I saw that a brand new wavespell was starting today (what are the chances of that!?) and in Blue Storm no less! HA! Everything came together and it seemed clear that I needed to write a note about the Wavespell that starts today.

Plenty has been said about the Grand Square/Cross and Lunar Eclipse by professional astrologers (link below) so I'm not going to go into that here - instead I'm going to overlay the Wavespell onto the chart and take you through the days...

I'll be coming at it through this perspective: "There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news: civilization, as we know it, is about to end. Now, the good news: civilization, as we know it, is about to end." !! (Swami Beyondananda) I found that quote in The Mountain Astrologer magazine in an article by Stehanie Austin about the Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cross today. It's perfect.

So, to clarify....this 13 day Wavespell embodies the challenging energies we're all faced with right now - as represented by the Grand Cross/Square (western astrologers have been talking about the summer of 2010 for years now) So, remember, that the message within this Wavespell is a message about what energies we need to tap into for the whole summer, while this Grand Cross is activated...

The over-arching theme of the Wavespell is Blue Storm, of course, since this is the energy of Day 1 - the energy we are collectively calling forth!

Blue Storm soooooo this backs up the energy of the Grand Cross perfectly.....yes, indeed, it's all about Transformation. Individually we're transforming and our culture and governmental structures are transforming too.

I won't go into detail for every day of the Wavespell. I'll focus on the days/houses that have planets in them - they are the most important since they are activated by the planets. This is interesting too. Which themes are most important during this time?

So we beging with days 1-2-3.

Day 1 - 26.06.2010 Blue Storm
Uranus is the bolt-out-of-the-blue that in one surprising or shocking instant changes everything. To me, Uranus & Jupiter in Aries squaring Moon/Pluto and synthesized with Blue Storm is about this:

"Be encouraged. You are on the frontier of the unknown! You are in the process of transformation, discovering yourself as a new sacred ground. Your feelings are magnified so that you will address them and use this energy to create the ecstasy of freedom. Break through your barriers to union! The totality of this transformation challenges everything in your reality. Surrender all that perpetuates the illusion of separation! Cast these things into the fires of Blue Storm, and your true essence will rise from the ashes transformed.

Discover the freedom of the true adventurer, the freed "actor" who can play any part at any moment without attachment. Trust your Essence Self to bring this freedom to you. Through Blue Storm allow yourself to become a master player in the great game."

We are collectively calling this energy to us right now - we want to transform, we want to break through into new frontiers within ourselves first which will then be propelled out into our reality....we are ready!

Niina: The day when my mother called asking if I wanted to go to Russia, St.Petersburg, with 3 hour notice. I said yes and we boarded the ship to old tzaaric city.

Day 2: June 27 - Yellow Sun no planets

Day 2's are always Challenge days so remember this! During this period it may be hard to accept with a loving heart that other people and/or our world is the way it is...but if we can rise to that challenge this will be our Gift: pure unconditional love and acceptance...

"In the shadow of Yellow Sun is conditional love; that is, loving with expectations and judgments. Unconditional love can be seen as acceptance and allowance. Through allowance, you step into a larger view of the human condition, granting permission for the myriad ways in which you and others choose to experience and grow. Acceptance and allowance are the open systems that permit all experiences and exploration of all states of being. Grant permission for everything to be all right just as it is!"

Niina: In St.Petersburg, I'm bit sad to find out it is all bit falling apart, paint chipping, areas unattended, building crumblibng at corners. People loud and looking down their noses at us because we weren't dressed in our best mini skirts and hooker heals. Suprisingly though none of this really bothered me - the newly found joy in life and unconditional love was what did it. It let me see deeper than the surfice of the buildings, or the   stares. It also let me see how diferent my mother and I are, and I was able to block the constant complaining she did out and enjoy a whole other culture. Even as we were back at the boat (which was in horrendious shape) and went to eat the snotty waitor throwing our receit at us didn't bother me.
This to me signals REAL change in me - I just don't acccept Negative as reality not anymore - Negativity doesn't exist to me anymore.

Day 3: June 28 - Red Dragon no planets

"Trust in the larger pattern to provide what you need. Open to receive. Communicate your feelings, desires, and dreams" (Me: perfect for third house placement! Communicate, be creative and TRUST - these things will help us all create the world we want to live in...)

Niina: I am so happy to be back in Finland, as much as I enjoy the world, home is home. I want nothing else than to bask in the feeling of where I belong. In my country, with my husband, with our dog, in my home, sleeping in my own bed. Not all journeys are of luxury and happiness. You see death and decay, arrogance and unacceptance, because it is part of the Earth that is now - but it is your choice wither you accept it as part of YOUR life, or wither you look at the soul of it and see GREATNESS.


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