Saturday, May 1, 2010


You've heard me go on and on about Higher Self / God and if you have not been informed about this before it can seem bit odd or confusing. But in truth it is all but...

There is s spiritual joke, which is funny but not a joke at all.

An atheist swore, 'I didn't believe in God until I realized I am God!'.

Here is a  free e-book (though they accept donations) titled:

Take few minutes of your day to read this, about 6 page book introduction on html form, which in itself is a great first time intro or as it is a Content on Higher Self. Given to us by Violet Fire Productions.

Excerpt from the HTML book:
Much has been written about the Higher Self in various spiritual literature. Our Higher Self is said to be our "Real Self" as opposed to the lower self or ego. As we start to gain self-mastery, we begin connecting with our "Christ Self", our true nature. This Self is our guardian, our inner teacher and can become our dear friend, guiding and directing us in all that we do. As we draw closer to our Higher Self, we will find our lives becoming more peaceful and harmonious, we will be directed in fulfilling our life's purpose and mission, making our lives more meaningful. The question is - "how do we go about reuniting with our Higher Self?"
This book is a culmination of years of intense study, and research & writing which took about 2 years. It is my intent with this book to take the teachings of the Ascended Masters as delivered by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and present them in a way that will hopefully make the process of bonding with our Christ Self and reuniting with our Higher Self seem more attainable through practical application of the needed steps. Included are numerous spiritual techniques and practices, as well as direct teachings from the Masters.


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