Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A had a very profound dream last night, I won't go into detail as dreams are very personal and repeating it here probably doesn't make much sence to others. But I was taken to see a  brazilian doctor and psychic in a Gaudi-ish tower/church and he told me that “My spirituality is most important thing to me and that people might hate me for it, but I shouldn't mix that to being my fault as being arrogant if I know things and use them.” After all we are all Sons and Daughters of God, each and every one of us equally important and wise and loving, we have just all chose different ways to go about life. And it very clearly was a hint to stop any drinking if I want to continue on my spiritual journey, to which I say sure it never has been too exciting anyway.
After thinking and Googling a little, I found out who visited me. Brazilian Ascended Master Dom Ignacio who is here to help us with physical and etheric body healing.

This is first dream in a long time that has been so clearly a Message.


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