Saturday, October 8, 2011


I was checking out the new Spirit Science Website and noticed this article in the News. I'm sharing it because I have yet to see an article as sane about The Illuminati! ;)

Here is a teaser:

... The question I would like to ask is, in the maze of information/disinformation about potential secret societies, how are we to react to them? The best reaction for one possibility is the wrong reaction for another. For example, if it turns out the Illuminati is actually benevolent in nature ( and I’m not saying that is or isn’t the case ) the resisting them and trying to expose them will only create problems for us. If it turns out that they are malevolent in nature, however, and we choose to just ignore them, then we play into their hands and their status quo is maintained.
What we need is a strategy that address all of the possibilities, and I think I have a general idea what we as a society need to do. 

1. Focus on values first, not organizations, names or slogans - Whether they’re in cahoots or not, the existence of a power elite is undeniable. Do you in general value love and freedom over fear? Then oppose the governmental policies that use fear to control you. All humans need a certain measure of safety, but know that fear is the #1 instrument of any control system. That should be your first tip off. If a policy takes away your rights, freedoms and privacy by promising to make you safer, then you should know what the true danger is. Avoid the T.V. , avoid factory foods and anything that dulls down your awareness. If you annoy the secret societies while you’re at it, more power to you.



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