Saturday, October 8, 2011


Okay, survival of the fittest, do you believe in it?

What would happen if societies all over the world stopped taking care of people who do nothing but lie in front of the TV all day, eat tons of processed foods and drink alcohol to numb their minds?

I'm not a cold person, very far from it, but I cannot help but to wonder would Darwin's theory take place, would the weak take themselves out of the equation?

Finland has its fair share of problems, the one that easily comes to my mind is drunks in public places, just few months ago two drunks got into a knife fight 500 yards from where I live and one died. Now - if you gave two smart, active, motivated people knifes and got them rattled up I doubt they would go at it like the drunks, right? I mean imagine your two smartest most decent friends, the other says f-you to the other, is a fight to the death gonna break out? Most likely your answer is no. Well -- so is mine. So this brings me to wonder about this...

If one were to believe in the malevolent illuminati and their desire to control, then wouldn't this sort of cross with it? If humanity was still in the survival of the fittest full-mode then people probably would be less likely controlled because smart people tend to think for themselves, they tend to try eat better go organic, be active, stay motivated and get less depressed and stuck in front of the TV. Perhaps I'm rambling and in my defense it is only 6 a.m. and I've been up since 4 a.m. thinking about stuff as I cannot sleep ( due to flu ).

I'd really like to get feedback from anyone crossing by this, what do you think about the survival of the fittest concerning where spirituality is going and how you see it tying to 'nwo'?


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