Thursday, December 13, 2012


I find it weird that the past year or so I have a been grounded. Not in my room, mind you ;) but grounded to the earth and earthly life. I have taken great interest in love and sex, yes I'm saying it frankly - when I first started my fascination with romance novels I was wondering where the heck did this come from? But looking back a year and some I can see it very clearly, it's about Love, the earthly kind, the kind I near forgot about when I was at my peak of Spirituality.

It's no surprise to me that it's 12-12-12 when it hits me. I have the past week been having a sore throat which culminated yesterday, on 12-12-12, to a grade-A flu. My throat is so bad I should not be talking at all, and as I'm house bound I have plenty to think about.

I see my detour of romance as mandatory and my wake-up call of a flu as the catalyst to merge. Everything is connected, and I feel it's my expertise to join spirituality and romantic love, to see the connection of it the chances for evolution.

We believe in Soul Mates, do we not? We believe in grand love that will be momentous - we bit errantly believe this grand love will come out of nowhere and sweep us off our feet. Really? You believe in no control of your life? Let me give you something to think about if the case is so.

With the big changes we will be, and have been, experiencing this year does love not deserve it's share? Our spiritual love is growing in bounds and leaps, but what about our romantic love, our chance to create? We are beings of creation! We create the world around us, we influence the very existence of material things in our lives, we affect the cosmos by drawing to us what we desire.

When we work, we create, as a construction worker you create a building, a solid tangible thing, as a nurse you create health and heal the body, another solid tangible thing. Why not work for romantic love? With the bountiful benefits, how can you not give it ago?

2012 is changing us, it's changing who we meet and why we meet them, romantically as well. You are less and less likely to meet the wrong potential spouses, and more and more likely meeting your soul mates - the people with great potential to be your grand romance of this life time! Now like with everything if you don't work on it, it will simply simmer down.

Let's says you meet or have met a person of great potential - it's up to you to create. You can create a short fantastical, exciting, passionate love affair that lasts few amazing months, or you can create a fantastical, exciting, passionate love that lasts a life time! The only difference is to not stop working, to not stop creating. With the energies of 2012, or 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 it's easier and easier to create, it takes less and less effort because the people you are meeting are more and more compatible with you! Because creation is becoming easier and easier on you!

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