Friday, February 20, 2009


I noticed sitting on the sofa that my wedding rings were no longer on my ring finger. I stood up looked all over the sofa, alerted husband to search through the whole apartment, twice. I got fairly anxious, and very nervous, and to admit it I did snap at husband for suggesting I'd just placed them somewhere and forgot about them.

Then I remembered... ask the angels for help. So I stood there in the clothing closet, eyes closed and in my mind stated: "Angels, Help me find my rings, my wedding rings." I specified. ;)
I opened my eyes looked into the undies drawer found one, looked through the whole drawer and find the other one.

With one quick request I found my rings in ten seconds.

I'm on Book 3 of Diana Cooper's Spiritual Trilogy.
The Silent Stones and The Codes of Power were such a good Spiritual Read, even though I knew this already the reminder was great. :) And I think we all know this already on the soul level, it's just a matter of how much you trust your intuition and how well you can connect this to your life.


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